Tips for a Romantic Honeymoon 


Now that you have tied the knot, it is now time to take off, go away from the crowd, and have some private, fun, and sensual time with your new bride or husband. From the engagement party to wedding planning, you now need to plan for the concluding part of the whole process – your honeymoon.  

Surely, your engagement and wedding will be remarkable especially when you get to have it shot out by Wedding Photography Evanston, it is also a good choice to document your honeymoon trip. Aside from documenting it, there are also lots of things you need to do, decide, and prepare before flying and upon arriving.  






  1. Pick a date that is more convenient for both of you

You need to put some serious thought on when you will have it. Honeymoons should be stressed-free and calmer. Traditionally, you will have it straight after the wedding; however, this tradition has now questioned and changed, and now many couples have been having mini-honeymoon a year after the wedding. Whether you opt to what is traditional or novel, as long as you both are at the most convenient schedule, then that is the right time to have it  


  1. Tell people you are on a honeymoon

Do not be shy in telling people you are on a honeymoon. You might think that this will make people see dome dollars sign atop of your heads; however, the contrary is more likely to happen. If you tell travel agents, air hostesses, or check-in staff that you newlywed or on a honeymoon, they will more likely offer you some free hotel upgrades, or some free champagne upon arrival or some candles lit on the table. They can even spread some rose petals for the night.  


3.Plan for your arrival 

To avoid hustling your way in the hotel, or deciding what activities to do, plan ahead of the time for these. You can plan to have a bottle of champagne waiting in your room, or some strawberries (if you do nor drink). You can also surprise your husband with sexy lingerie under your clothes. Whatever you choose to do, find ways to make the first moments as remarkable as you can. 


  1. Do not over-schedule

When you are in an exciting place, completely new, you tend to arrange and do several activities. Again, do not over-schedule and overdo your holiday. While it is important to have fun, explore the new place and exhaust yourself with some intimate physical activities, it is also fun to just enjoy the moments, and rest together, enjoying each other’s company. You can even have that afternoon siesta that really involves actual sleep. 


  1. It is just a holiday

We understand that a lot of couples get too excited to plan and arrange their honeymoon, and some even get to the point where they overdo the planning and preparations. While it is important to make it special and romantic, you do not need to exhaust your budget and time for this. As long as you are with the person you will love for the rest of your life, wherever you go, and whatever you do, it will be special… as long as you are together. 

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